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My Day Job versus My Passion

When I decided to write a blog titled, ‘My Day Job vs. My Passion’, my first thought was, “Wow, this will be easy because they differ greatly.” But then I got to thinking about it, and in a lot of ways, what I’m passionate about is part of what I get to do in my day job...how cool is that? Let me explain:

An average work day for me is coming into the office, say hi to the guys in the shop, ask how their day is going, ask if they need anything, clean up the customer service wait area (it’s a woman thing), check the bathroom for cleanliness (again, it’s a woman thing), and then one of my favorites, which I do throughout the day, is talking with the customers. You can learn a lot from people when you listen. And then back to my desk to see what my calendar has in store for me for the day. My day could consist of networking events to attend, driving down to the printer to discuss next months mailing special, talking with the vendors to pay the monthly bills, social media, and the list goes on.

So this is my day job…now onto my passion.

I LOVE to help, talk & listen to people, volunteer at my church in the welcome center, mentor for young children, enjoy quiet time on the back patio while watching the birds or looking at the beautiful Catalina Mountains.

So, I may be a woman, and work in an automotive repair shop, which by the way specializes in Nissan’s, Toyota’s, Honda’s, Subaru’s, and the list goes on. Oh and domestics, too, and we are Tucson’s Japanese Auto Repair Experts! :) But, as you can see, my passion is a big part of my day job.

How about you? Have you ever thought about the two? Try it; it could make a difference in how you look at your day job.