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I just read the most interesting article from As a driver, this happens to us all at some point; and I'm sure you will agree once you start reading.

Tucson is growing by leaps and bounds, so the need for the roadways to expand in size to accomodate this traffic is ongoing. So as we are driving our cars down the streets of Tucson, you see that all too familiar sign, left lane closed ahead, and the symbol to merge into the right lane. When do you merge? Do you get over into the right lane immediately, or zoom ahead on the left until you have to merge?

Being in the auto repair business, we see a lot of fender benders. I don't know the number in Tucson, but in Minnesota the accident rate in construction zones was very high, which prompted a merger study. In the article, Minnesota DOT states what measures they took to help lessen the number of accidents caused by merging.

How about you? Are you an 'early merger or a late merger'?

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