Not just the Japanese Auto Experts...

Not just the Japanese Auto Experts...

Although Japanese automobiles are Micro's speciality, we work on domestics, hybrids, diesels and many other brands. For instance, look what is in our shop right now:

This beauty is a 1952 Chevy Pickup, and is one of many older vehicles that you will see here at Micro Import Service. One car that you can always spot at the shop is the Zcar. And I might add, one of Mic's favorites to work on. He's been working on Zcars for 40 years now, and he still gets excited whenever another one pulls in. :)

Our certified technicians are experts on Toyato, Subaru, Nissan, Honda, Lexus, Infiniti, Acura, Kia, Volkswagon, hybrids, diesels and the list goes on.

You see the picture above of the 1952 Chevy? Maybe you don't have a car that old, but you can keep your vehicle running for many years with regular maintenance and repairs as needed. In today's economy, having a car payment can make a huge impact on your finances. We see a lot of people are opting to stay with their current/older vehicle, or purchasing a used vehicle, and maintaining it due to less cost and no monthly car payment. And it is not out of the ordinary to see cars with 100,000-200,000+ mileage come through the shop.

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