Micro Import Service - Winter Maintenance in Arizona

When it comes to winter maintenance for your vehicle, many drivers here in sunny Arizona think that's something that only car owners in northern and coastal states need to worry about. The fact is that single-digit temps (and the occasional snowfall) tend to take a toll on batteries, fluids, seals, and other parts that are susceptible to freezing, cracking, and failure during the wintertime.

Here's what you can do to keep your vehicle running strong throughout the winter months:

Check Your Levels
While regular fluid monitoring is important throughout the year, during the winter maintaining the right fluid levels in your ride can make a big difference when it comes to performance and prevention of premature wear and tear. Test your antifreeze (coolant), and make sure your transmission fluid and engine oil are in good shape too.

Test Your Battery
Cold temperatures can really take a toll on car batteries thanks to the fact that more energy is needed to turn your car starter over when the mercury drops. You can avoid that sinking feeling that comes with a dead battery by having your battery load-tested - this simple test reveals the condition of your battery and can help you decide whether it's time to invest in a new one.

Inspect Your Tires
Unless you're planning on trekking into the mountains during the winter you likely don't need snow tires in Tucson, but you do need good quality all-weather tires to help keep you safe on the roads throughout the year.

If your current tires are starting to wear, now's a good time to upgrade to a new set that's rated for all-season use.

Sure, we're spoiled here in Tucson when it comes to dodging massive snowstorms and sub-zero temperatures, but that doesn't mean we're completely immune to winter weather! With a bit of preventative maintenance, you can enjoy worry-free driving this wintertime.

To learn more about getting your vehicle ready for the winter, or to book an appointment, call us here at Micro Import Service - we're 'The Shop That Cares'!