Drag racing vs. street racing from your #1 Tucson Auto repair shop...Micro Import Service!

I'm writing this post to explain the difference between 'drag racing' vs. 'street racing'. The reason? Unfortunately, there have been many accidents, some involving deaths, from 'street racing'. But the media is referring to these unfortunate accidents as 'drag racing'. In their defense, the media may not know the difference between the two, and why I'm going to explain the difference. Not to mention this is upsetting to drag racers who feel this is giving the sport a bad name.

Four of Micro's employees are drag racers. Mic Williams races a Fuel Altered, Howard Gerstel races a Super Pro 1974 Pinto, Mike Sams races a Super Pro 600 cubic inch Rear-Engine Dragster & Trish Williams races Top Dragster 600 cubic inch Rear-Engine dragster. And this is done at Southwestern International Raceway, better known as SIR. The drag strip is located by the Pima County Fairgrounds off of Houghton Rd. I have attached a video from SIR drag strip so you can see what 'drag racing' is. This is done on a well-prepped track, certified safety crew, and is legal. The track is also open for high school students to safely learn how to drag race their street cars down the 1/4 mile track. And while doing that, they get to have fun racing with their friends…all in a safe environment. One other thing to add is alcohol is not permitted if you are a racer or underage while at SIR Drag strip.

Now the accidents that we’ve heard about which are happening on our local streets are due to ‘street racing’; which is illegal. And alcohol has also been a factor in these accidents as well. I wish we could find a way to stop this because the accidents have caused serious injuries, and some deaths. Let’s spread the word, especially to our teens, that there is a place they can race each other. A place that is safe, legal and where they’re not harming themselves or others.

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