Creating a workplace oasis.

Creating a workplace oasis

Happy employees are productive employees. And when it comes to your employees, little things can make a big difference. Creating an employee break room is a small perk that can help refresh minds, build friendships and boost your bottom line. I couldn't agree more with this sentence; some of the information listed below I read in an article, believe it or not, from the The Costco Connection. They actually have some great information in their monthly magazine.

If you have the space and money, create a break room with the convenience and coziness of a home kitchen. Add a refrigerator, freezer and microwave to encourage employees to pack their lunches. Water coolers, coffee pots, disposable dinnerware supplies and vending machines are nice extra touches. Establish basic break room etiquette to keep your break room clean, stocked and free of moldy, unidentifiable food. :)

The break room also works well as a place to hold those monthly meetings. Our meetings are held the first Monday of every month, and Micro provides the lunch for this meeting. The first half hour is spent eating, laughing, joking, and then we eventually role into 'shop talk' for the remainder of the time.

In addition to serving as a diningroom, a break room should be a place where employees can escape from the noise and stress of work. They should leave the area feeling re-energized, recharged, and ready to tackle their next project. Paint the room a bright, cheery color that is different from the rest of the office to help change the scenery. Hang a bullentin board to post announcements and memos and for employees to post personal signs and ads. Subscribe to trade journals and news publications so employees can read about the competition and current affairs during their downtime.

Providing food and beverages lets employees quickly boost their energy during the workday. One economical option is to purchase snacks and beverages in bulk. (Our snacks and beverages are purchased through that store!) To encourage a healthier working environment, provide nutritional snack options such as granola bars, microwave popcorn and dried fruits. Here at Micro, this is a difficult task, but one I will try to do - the guys like their Dunkin Donuts :)

Hope you enjoyed the read, and feel free to share it!