Best and Worst Used Cars

Best and Worst Used Cars

What a fantastic article in ConsumerReports! This is an older article from early 2011, but the information is still very informative.

The Best of the best list guides you to the 2001 to 2010 models that scored well in their road tests when new and have been consistently reliable over time. Each has achieved multiple years of above-average used-car verdicts, indicating that owners have had relatively few problems.

Models built by Toyota and Honda dominate the list once again, and many of the best used vehicles are from Asian manufacturers. But high-quality vehicles are available from domestic and European automakers as well.

The Worst of the worst list shows models that have had multiple years of below-average reliability in their survey. It is dominated by vehicles from domestic and European manufacturers, primarily General Motors, which had 16 of the 29 models listed.

Click on the link below to read the entire article and to see the lists of vehicles from the best to the worst. And if you have any comments/feedback to this article, we would love to hear it!