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Has your car been acting funny? :)

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Cute picture, but don't ignore signs when your car isn't functioning like it normally does. You know your car better then anyone else...really. You're probably thinking, 'hey, I'm not a mechanic, how would I know?'

Think of it this way - You haven't been feeling well for the past two days. Your body feels achy, and your ears & throat hurt. You call and make an appointment with the doctor. The first thing the doctor is going to ask you is, 'I hear you're not feeling well Mic, what is going on?' Mic says, ‘I don’t know doc, I’m just not feeling well.’ With this answer, the doctor doesn’t know what is wrong with Mic, so he will order a series of tests or lab work. If Mic had given the doctor the symptoms he had been experiencing, the doctor would have known what tests or lab work to start with. End result? Money saved from having unnecessary tests performed.

The same thing with your car; you drive it everyday, believe it or not you will notice when something doesn't feel or sound right, or the way it drives. It could be little things such as you notice your car is using more fuel, it may feel sluggish on short trips, or when you accelerate, the car hesitates. The next step would be to call Mike or Katie and schedule an appointment. One of the questions they will ask is 'what's going on with your car?'

The information you provide gives our technicians a starting point to diagnosis the problem. And having a starting point can save you money in diagnostic fees.

Silly analogy, but I think you get the idea. :)

Hope you found Trish's tip for the day helpful.