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33-Point Safety and Reliability Inspection

33-Point Safety and Reliability InspectionOur customers appreciate the extra attention we give to them and their vehicles. In fact some of our customers have driven over two hundred thousand miles. Read what our customers say about Micro Import Service.

The secret is regular maintenance and making repairs on a timely basis. Also it’s important to maintain your vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty.

We will perform a 33-point safety and reliability inspection to ensure your vehicle is kept in good running condition at no additional charge. Click here for an appointment.

  1. Battery and battery cable condition
  2. Starting and charging systems check
  3. Lights and lenses
  4. Wiper operation and blade condition
  5. Belts and pulley condition
  6. Coolant hose condition
  7. Vacuum hoses
  8. Fuel hoses
  9. Air filter
  10. Emissions system hoses and lines
  11. Tires (tread depth, sidewalls, feathering, cupping)
  12. Brakes (judders, glazing, pad/shoe life, e-brake adjustment, pedal engagement)
  13. A/C temp
  14. A/C hose and hardware inspection
  15. Primary and auxiliary fan condition
  16. Struts and shocks
  17. Steering hardware inspection (steering box/rack, inner/outer tie rods/ends, steering hoses and lines, pitman arm, idler arm)
  18. Ball joints
  19. Bushings (control arms, center link, sway bar, etc.)
  20. Splash shields
  21. Fluid levels/leaks (power steering, clutch, coolant, oil, transmission, brake, washer)
  22. Boots (CV joints, power steering)
  23. Transmission, differential, transfer case hardware (inspect for leaks)
  24. Clutch testing (pedal engagement, slipping)
  25. Window/door operation
  26. Hood latch
  27. Exhaust inspection
  28. Horn
  29. Mirror operation
  30. Drive train inspection (axles, driveshaft, U-joints, carrier bearing)
  31. Drivability road test
  32. Alignment road test
  33. Regular scheduled maintenance up to date?

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