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Micro Import Service auto repair tips

So you are having an issue with your car in that sometimes it starts right up, other times it may hesitate, or not start at all. Are you thinking that maybe your battery is losing its life? Or did you just replace your battery, and thinking the starter is going?

Would you believe it could possibly be none of the above? Yep, we just had a car in the shop yesterday and the customer was concerned that his starter may be going, or the battery wasn’t fully charging for whatever reason. He did inform us that the battery was only 2 months old. The technicians inspected the car and it was determined that the car key was worn out and was the cause of the interminttent problem.

Let me explain:

The key is worn out, so when it is inserted into the ignition, it is not making full contact electronically. Sometimes the connection doesn’t separate completely and drains the battery voltage. It is possible that the car may require a new ignition cylinder.

Fortunately for this customer, the issue with his car was a worn out key. The fix? Get out the spare key! 🙂

You heard it here at Micro!

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